Yet Material Labor
2020 / Site Specific Instalation / Variable Dimension

The installation Yet Material Labor is a piece that inserts itself in the transiting paths of a given space, paths usually predetermined by the architectural structure. The intervention adds a second layer to it using Labanotation, a system for recording and analyzing human movement derived from the work of Rudolf von Laban. This second layer leaves a trace in the structure itself, an alternative way of moving through it, expanding these itineraries be- yond the functional act of walking. In turn, this strategy serves to collapse the concepts of documentation and score. The exhibition works as a score in itself and its documentation implies the same double function.

The circular structure is also a reference to the increasingly present immaterial work car- ried out by performers within museum institutions. Due to this fact their working hours have been prolonged in order to fill gallery opening hours. The circular structure implies that the sequence has neither a beginning nor an end and could run in a loop without interruption far beyond the standard working day.