Effort: Economy in body movement
2021 / Three-channel video HD color / 10.19min

Effort: economy in body movement is a three-channel video departing from the 1947 homonymous book edited by Rudolph von Laban and F. C. Lawrence. In it Laban —known for his theoretical and practical contributions in the field of modern dance— presents a method of movement analysis and training for manual workers based on what he would call Efforts.

Laban generates a number of categories based on concepts like Exertion, Control, Time and Space serving to classify the different tasks combinations needed to carry out a specific work. The training method involves practicing the different movements combinations and transitions of specific tasks for the workers to understand and master its Time-Space patterns and different movement qualities. Some phases of the training did not necessarily include the tools and materials present in the tasks, but worked the movements in a more abstracted form just to get acquainted with the feel of each effort before actually applying them.

Production: HIAP Helsinki / Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana.

Special thanks to Anna Schroderus - Glass Studio Hytti and Seppo Muukka - Star-Welding.