All frames I haven’t seen from Rope
2019 / Single channel video HD color and sound / 77.19min

All the frames I haven’t seen from Rope is an alternative editing of Alfred Hitchcock's film Rope which I set up as part of a private performance. The performance consisted on the impossible task of watching the film —known for being a very long sequence shot with no cuts— without blinking at all. Every time I had to blink I took a snapshot of that frame.

The result is a new montage triggered by my involuntary action of blinking, where only the frames I missed are shown. In order for the viewer to retrieve the lost images, they must follow the instructions below:

1. Stare at the blue point in the center of the images as they appear.
2. Wait for the images to disappear from the screen.
3. A residual coloured image that your own eye has generated will remain in your retina. Thus, the spectator will recover the lost images one by one throughout the viewing.

This happens because the viewer is exposed for 15 seconds to a negative image of those frames. The effect is called negative afterimage and it consists on forcing our brain-eye system in doing something similar to develop film.

The piece proposes the spectator to complement the performance that I carried out previously, by retrieving my lost images. We take part in a movement of reterritorialization of the performance itself, from the space of the artist to the space of the spectator. From the negative to the positive space.